Errin Kemper

Springfield Wants to Curb Use of Harmful Sealants

Jun 16, 2017
St. Joseph County / Quote_Parking Lot Services

The city of Springfield is voluntarily refraining from using coal tar based sealants (CTBS) at its facilities after studies suggest they can be harmful to streams and aquatic life.

The City Council’s Community Involvement Committee met on Tuesday to discuss an alternative method of the compound. The CTBS contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), a group of chemicals that can be found in products made from fossil fuels.

Claire Kidwell / KSMU

The Springfield Environmental Services Department dedicated its new Clean Water Operations building on Earth Day.

Assistant Director Errin Kemper says Friday’s ribbon cutting and open house helps to increase awareness of the city’s sustainability and sanitary efforts.

“Our sanitary sewer collections system is one of Springfield’s most important and largest assets, and so this allows us to expand out staffing…to provide the best operations and maintenance of that critical facility.”