General Election 2016

Scott Harvey / KSMU

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller is being asked by some group leaders to rescind his directive to deploy law enforcement officers to polling locations Tuesday.

The first request came in an email sent to Schoeller Sunday by the Advancement Project, a multi-racial civil rights organization.

As this election season finally winds down, St. Louis Public Radio is putting together a lot of the campaign coverage we did this year in the hope that readers can find the information they need before casting their votes. 

Scott Harvey / KSMU

Greene County Sheriff’s deputies will be on scene at various polling locations Election Day wearing plain clothes, a badge and a concealed weapon.

That’s according to County Clerk Shane Schoeller, who says the decision is in response to safety concerns expressed by voters and election judges “due to the tension and conflict they have witnessed or experienced related to this election cycle.”

Schoeller says he made the request to Sheriff Jim Arnott, who agreed.

On this year's extensive Missouri ballot, voters will find an item that could reshape the way the state's political campaigns are financed. Constitutional Amendment 2 would place limits on contributions to political parties or campaigns to elect candidates for state or judicial offices in Missouri.

For many Missouri health advocates, an increase in the state's tobacco tax is long overdue. But onlookers might be surprised to hear that tobacco companies are spending a fortune this election year to get one or another increase in that tax passed, while health groups are urging a no vote.