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Springfield Congregations Study
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Officials with the Together Springfield initiative, a new, collective approach to community improvement, are gathering the resources needed to hire a director.

Cora Scott, the city’s public information officer, explains that the group of community leaders is currently fundraising to acquire the means to pay for the position.

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Update 2/12/16:  Springfield Police say the maintenance worker killed this week at the city landfill was struck by a tractor-trailer.  According to a news release from the Springfield Police Department, 53-year-old John Wesley Choate was pinned between the trailer and a piece of equipment Wednesday as the semitrailer was backing up. Choate was transported to a hospital, where he died later that day.

Choate had worked for the city since 2008.

The Department of Environmental Services, which oversees the landfill, will conduct a review of the incident.

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The CU Community Credit Union has announced the roll out of an assistance program intended to help those who may fall victim to high interest, short-term loans.

Springfield City Manager Greg Burris, who also co-chairs the Impacting Poverty Commission, says these so-called payday loans can come at a high cost to Missourians.

“Department of Finance for the state of Missouri recently did a study of the payday loan interest rates, the annual interest rates that are charged in Missouri, the average is 451 percent,” he says.

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Officials hope to reduce the poverty level in Greene County to 15 percent by the year 2025. The goal was addressed Thursday as part of a series of presentations assessing the region’s health.

“The reason this is an ambitious goal is not only because we are proposing to reduce the amount of poverty by five percent over the next decade, but also because we are reversing a trend.”  

Springfield City Manager Greg Burris says that should the status quo remain, the county’s current 20 percent poverty level will continue to rise.

Springfield Clean Water Services

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has given its consent to the city of Springfield’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Control Plan (OCP).

The city made the announcement Tuesday in a news release.