mental healthcare availability

Officials say mental health services are strong in Greene County, but funding issues continue to hamper early detection and prevent optimal care.

That’s according to Mark Stringer, director of Behavioral Health for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, who spoke at the Springfield Library Center Thursday night. His appearance came on the heels of a two year study conducted by the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri examining the accessibility and affordability of mental health care for the county’s adults.


Leslie Carrier talks with Lisa Hall, assistant professor of sociology at MSU and a member of the League of Women Voter's study committee, about the issue the League decided to study this year.

Carrier says the LWV's mission is to educate voters about government issues, and each year the League chooses a topic to study more in depth to determine what, if any, changes need to take place, what could be advocated for or what needs to be brought to the attention of the general public.