multicultural resource center

This March, we celebrate Women’s HERstory Month.

Han Zhao / KSMU

The newly completed annex for Missouri State University’s Multicultural Resource Center is now accessible to students. But behind the seemingly crowded open house ceremony last month inside Freudenberger House, some students have their reservations about this venue.

“The facility means good and bad things,” Ravyn Brooks, junior sociology student, told KSMU at the open house party. “The good part is there’s more space. We now actually have a safe zone for LGBT plus.”

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

Following the issuance of demands by a student group at Missouri State University, MSU’s president, Clif Smart, and MSU Board of Governor chair, Steve Hoven, have issued a statement they say, “underscores our commitment to diversity.”  In the statement, issued today, they outline what they call “the university’s continued path toward inclusiv

 It was in 1963 that more than a quarter of a million people of diverse ethnicities attended the March on Washington, sprawling from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial onto the National Mall and around the reflecting pool. At the time, it was the largest gathering of protesters in Washington, D.C.'s history.

Francine Pratt, director of the Multicultural Resource Center at Missouri State University, discusses Martin Luther King, Junior Day, local events and the importance of Black History Month.