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UPDATE:  The city of Joplin has filed suit against Wallace Bajjali and the two men who ran the Texas-based company.  The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, seeks $1.5 million and accuses Wallace Bajjali of fraud, according to the Joplin Globe.  One of the company's former partners, David Wallace, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday in federal court in Houston.  The paper reports Wallace was not available for comment Wednesday.


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The coming of Springfield’s first railroad in 1870 quickly separated “old” Springfield from the “new” town of North Springfield. Within that community and along the railroad, a new district emerged, which came to be known as Commercial. North Springfield officially became a part of Springfield in 1887, with Commercial being the city’s original downtown.

“You know, it was Commercial Street because it was the heart of commerce. Back then, it was the heart of the city,” said Dock.

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Springfield is among a growing number of communities across the country refocusing efforts on downtown. And as additional residential facilities and businesses have emerged and more patrons are visiting the area, there’s been an increase in the need to keep it as safe as possible.

“I told my wife I wanted to be in an area like that more of an entertainment district.”

Robert Sands is the owner of Palm Beach Vapors located at 212 S. Campbell in the heart of downtown.

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As KSMU reported last month, Missouri's state parks saw an overall six percent increase in attendance in 2014 compared to the previous year. In fact, Bennett Spring State Park, 12 miles west of Lebanon, saw an increase of 15%, to nearly 786,000 visitors last year. Now, on the cold, rainy Wednesday last week when I visited the park, you wouldn't have known it... as I walked down toward the Hatchery Outfall No.001, I saw three--count 'em, three--faithful anglers fly-fishing for the park's famous trout.  

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Nixa, Missouri’s city administrator Brian Bingle says with a sly grin, “Tongue-in-cheek, we’ve always recognized ourselves as a ‘bedroom community’ of Springfield. But we’ve gone one step further and suggest that we’re the master bedroom!”