Sense of Community

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The City of Springfield’s Zone Blitz initiative is all about neighbors helping lift neighbors out of poverty in northwest Springfield by addressing the challenges they face and creating opportunities. According to Jody Glazner, the “Give Back” Director at Springfield’s North Point Church, the ideals embodied in the Zone One Blitz are right in their wheelhouse.

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To Springfield city officials, involving the faith community in its Zone Blitz initiative seemed like a natural fit. Helping those in need is nothing new for these houses of worship and their members.

(Randy Stewart)

Situated on some 2000 acres in southwestern Greene County, just outside the city limits of Republic, is the site of one of the most important early battles of the Civil War: the Battle of Wilson's Creek, August 10, 1861. It was, in fact, the first important Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi, in the so-called "Trans-Mississippi Theater" of operations.  On this Sense of Community program we're visiting the National Park Service site at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

National Park Service
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As stated on their website, the National Park Service, "a bureau of the U.S.

The Many Responsibilities of a Local Scientist

Dec 26, 2014
Anna Thomas / KSMU

“And of course the week before was like the busiest week probably of the entire year. I had like five projects running,” Hawkins said.

Jordan Hawkins, junior research scientist at Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) in Springfield, enters a code on a keypad that grants here access to the lab.

She normally arrives around 7 in the morning, and sometimes doesn’t leave until 6 p.m.

“It’s kind of what just needs to be done, and it’s very easy to do that when you have a passion for your work,” Hawkins said.