Springfield-Branson National Airport


The Springfield-Branson National Airport saw another record increase in passengers in 2017.  A total of 993,129 people flew out of the airport last year, up 4.2% from 2016 and a 35.7% increase since 2011.

According to airport officials, the growth in 2017 was propelled by several factors, including a strong economy in southwest Missouri, which resulted in more people flying.

Springfield-Branson National Airport

Changes coming to the Springfield-Branson National Airport should benefit customers.

A restaurant remodel will add more seating and will allow the venue to expand its menu offerings.  The work is expected to start this month, and will be finished by spring. 

Springfield-Branson National Airport

As of October 1, all electronics larger than a cell phone will have to go through x-ray screening at airports in the United States, including the Springfield-Branson National Airport.

“Over the past 12 to 18 months, the federal government's picked up a lot of intelligence  that terrorist groups are now capable of putting explosives in smaller electronic devices," airport spokesman, Kent Boyd said.  "That's the heart of the concern, so they want to make sure that every electronic device is screened."

Michele Skalicky

United Airlines will offer new service from Springfield-Branson National Airport to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport beginning June 8.

Tom Babick, chairman of the airport’s board of directors, said the new service is the airport’s 13th nonstop destination.  The average number of nonstop destinations for a city similar in size to Springfield, according to Babick, is nine.

"This is another milestone in the history of the airport and the entire community," said Babick.

City of Springfield

Springfield-Branson National Airport had more passengers than ever before in 2016.  It was the second year in a row that a record number of people used the airport.  More than 950,000 flew in and out, up 4.3 percent from 2015.

Tom Babik, chairman of the airport’s board of directors, credits what he calls a strong southwest Missouri economy for the increase.  According to Babik, 2016 was the fifth year in a row that passenger numbers at the airport grew.