Springfield Building Development Services

Cindy Funk / Flickr

Springfield’s director of Building Development Services will ask City Council to approve “long overdue” changes to the city’s Nuisance and Housing Code. 

Chris Straw explained to Council members Tuesday his department is proposing the city adopt the International Code Council’s 2012 International Property Maintenance Code for sections of Chapter 74, including the Housing and Apartment Safety articles, and amend it to fit local needs.

Chris Straw, Building Development Services

Stand in front of an old, white, multi-story house on W. Hamilton in Springfield's Grant Beach Neighborhood and you can see why it's been a source of frustration for neighbors for a long time. The front and back doors are wide open--so are several windows.  There's a couch in the front yard, tires in a side yard and a large pile of junk just behind the house.  The inside is in a state of disrepair, and a steady stream of water flows from a broken pipe under the kitchen sink, flooding the floor."