Springfield Public Schools

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A 2014 study conducted by the Springfield Mayor’s Commission on Human Rights showed that 28 percent of the city’s kids aren’t prepared for kindergarten.  Contributing factors included lack of access to quality health care and early education services and disparities in health and wellness.   

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Winter precipitation in Missouri can halt more than just vehicles. As we’ve again learned this week, schools may often need to cancel classes. Making the decision whether to have school is not as simple as it may seem, says Nixa School District chief communications officer, Zac Rantz.

“Every situation is a little different because the weather is different every time. It’s a lot of factors that go into a decision. We’d love it if it was a yes or no question, but it really is looking at a whole bunch of different factors.”

Malori McGhee
Springfield Public Schools

Disney Elementary in Springfield is grieving the loss of one of its fourth grade teachers.

"She was very energetic and vivacious, so she was well-known among many of the parents and students at Disney," said Rhonda Mammen, manager of counseling services for Springfield Public Schools.

Extra counselors are at Disney to help students and staff deal with the death of Malori McGhee.

The 24-year-old first-year teacher was killed Saturday in northern Missouri when the vehicle in which she was a passenger slid on icy roads and into the path of a pickup truck.

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“You have four minutes--- you may begin.”

DAY: Geez Louise!

With a nervous and slightly sheepish grin, Kickapoo High School senior Brinn Day guides a homemade prosthetic arm to pick up a red disk and slide it over a wooden pole. The duct taped elbow of the arm she’s using trembles like a leaf on a tree.

DAY: Stop.

JANSEN: You’re doing great!

DAY: My hand’s getting sweaty!

Springfield Public Schools

  The Springfield Board of Education has a new member.  The board announced Tuesday during a special meeting that Jean Twitty will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Francine Pratt.

The term held by Pratt expires in 2021, but Twitty will serve on the board until the next election on April 5th, 2016.  Voters will decide then who will fulfill the remaining five years of Pratt’s term.