Table Rock Lake

Hotash / Flickr


Biologists with the Missouri Department of Conservation believe fish that have been found dead recently at Table Rock Lake died from natural events.  They suspect oxygen depletion is to blame and that the lake’s health and overall water quality are fine. 

Emily McTavish / KSMU

David Casaletto has easily witnessed the impact of the recent heavy rains in the region. The president of the water quality advocacy group Ozarks Water Watch lives on the James River branch of Table Rock Lake.

“We seem to be getting more rain during an event, and then have dry periods, then a big event again,” Casaletto says.  “That causes flooding and different types of things that we haven’t seen before.”

Casaletto continues that the amount of rain is similar this year, but it has come in larger spurts.

Tourism has long been a primary driver of the economy in southwest Missouri. For our series, Sense of Place, we look at the development of that economy from a historical perspective. Today, KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story of a small Ozarks town that was once a booming resort village. 

On the so-called “swimming island” in Rockaway Beach, Missouri, a few trout fishermen cast their lines into Lake Taneycomo. The cold water of the lake is perfect for the trout that come from the fish hatchery near Table Rock Dam, 22 miles upstream.