West Plains

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The city of West Plains is continuing with plans to advance the study of alternatives to its railroad and roadway network.

Another public meeting is planned for Tuesday evening, during which citizen feedback is sought on how to increase safety, create connectivity, and promote economic development.

West Plains has been performing an independent study for future capital improvement projects that interface with the existing BNSF railroad facilities throughout the city. The first public meeting was held in April.

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West Plains’ voters Tuesday rejected a tax increase for school district upgrades while approving a measure to ban smoking in enclosed placed of emolument public areas.

Mallory Hawkins is the city clerk and public relations director for the city.

“This means that smoking will be prohibited in public places and public work places inside West Plains.”

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As part of ongoing efforts to improve its railroad system, the city of West Plains holds the first of three public listening sessions Thursday to review citizen responses.

The city is in the midst of an independent study of the railroad and the surrounding roadway network.  In early March, it held over 25 listening sessions and received nearly 50 survey responses from local businesses and stakeholders. In total, 73 total responses have been received from those impacted by existing BNSF railroad facilities in West Plains.

Feedback Sought on West Plains’ Railroad System

Mar 8, 2016
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City officials in West Plains are asking for citizen input to help alleviate traffic congestion at a highly traveled railroad crossing.

An independent study of its railroad network began this month. Specifically, City administrator Tom Stehn says officials want to build an overpass above the railroad crossing at Independence Drive.

“We have traffic backed up all the time for school and other things in the morning because of trains. This would help traffic flow better.”

West Plains Wants Community Input on City Planning

Sep 28, 2015
West Plains Civic Center

An updated comprehensive plan is in the works for the city of West Plains. The last one was revised in 2003, with an update scheduled for 2023.

A kickoff meeting to start the updating process is scheduled for Tuesday evening, and the public is invited. 

Dustin Harrison is the building inspector for West Plains.