April 2017 Municipal Election

Below, check out our coverage of the candidates and issues on  municipal ballots in southwest Missouri.

The polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4. For local polling or ballot details, find your election authority here.

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For Greene County voters, find results on election night on the clerk's office website, Facebook, or on Twitter. We'll also be following results from other counties throughout the region.

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Fair Grove is one of 69 school districts in the state that continues to roll back their operating levy in compliance with Proposition C, approved by Missouri voters in 1982.  The statewide, one-cent sales tax for public education, required districts with a tax rate higher than $2.75 to roll back their tax levy to account for half the Prop C disbursements received by the district.  Many districts now have a Prop C full waiver, and no longer have to rollback their tax levy.  Fair Grove voters approved a partial waiver in 1994, and the district is now asking voters to approve a full waiver.

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Two general seat races on Springfield City Council are part of a crowded municipal ballot in which six total positions will be decided Tuesday. 

Voters will also select candidates from three zoned districts and for Springfield mayor. Since the two mayoral candidates are current incumbents in the middle of their terms, their vacated seat will have to be filled after the election.

Willard Schools

A school bond issue on the ballot in Willard next week would pay for a new intermediate school and a new track at the high school.

The ballot issue April 4 asks voters to approve a $19.5 million bond issue, which would result in no increase to the debt service levy.

According to Willard Schools Superintendent Dr. Kent Medlin, four percent of the money would go towards the new track.

"Our track surface has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be fixed due to erosion of the foundation of the track by groundwater, Medlin said.

York Elementrary
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Major educational changes are before voters living in the boundaries of the Springfield school district. Proposition SPS seeks approval of a $189 million bond proposal that emerged from the district’s Facility Master Plan.

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A ballot measure in Nixa next month stems from a Supreme Court decision and subsequent legislation in 2012.

The case involved a Springfield man who purchased a boat in Maryland in 2011, then sued when a local sales tax was charged by Greene County on the purchase.  The court ruled that without a local use tax in place, local tax could not be charged.  The Missouri legislature then voted to allow counties and cities to keep collecting the tax on out of state vehicle, trailers, boats and outboard motor purchases as long as voters approved the continuation by November 2018.