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Helping to save someone’s life is as easy as donating blood.

You will have the opportunity to do this Jan. 23-25, 2018, when Missouri State University hosts a blood drive on campus in honor of National Blood Donor Month.

The event is jointly organized by Missouri State’s Gamma Sigma Sigma and Community Blood Center of the Ozarks.


Missouri State University’s assistant women’s basketball coach and former MSU basketball standout, Jackie Stiles, has announced she has cancer.

According to a statement from MSU, Stiles will undergo treatment for ocular melanoma.  She’ll be absent from the sideline for the next several games.

Stiles said she’s thankful the cancer was caught early and hasn’t spread. She’s optimistic she’ll make a full recovery. 

Sociologist, Dr. Alicia Walker likes to explore behaviors that deviate from cultural norms such as infidelity.

After reading several articles that challenged common sense understanding about infidelity, especially among women, Walker set out to research the topic of women and affairs for her doctoral dissertation.

The project took several years and involved in-depth interviews with women across the country who sought or participated in affairs through a dating site.

Drury University

During the days leading up to the holidays, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all there is to do:  Gifts to buy, food to prepare, decorating to get done.  But a long-standing tradition in Springfield allows people to take an hour, de-stress and focus on the true meaning of the season.

Stress is natural and unavoidable. It is your reaction that you can control. One method of coping with stress is through meditation – and it is easier to introduce into your routine than you may assume.